Conservation = Do Your Part


Please submit a completed application form signed by the applicant. Letters are required from the proposer and two seconders. All parties are required to sign the application form as well as the candidate. The application, letters, and signatures are to be delivered to the Membership Chair no later than July 20 of the summer the candidate is being proposed.

The letters should be brief but address specifically the candidate’s proven interest in and prior activities with regard to horticulture, flower arranging, conservation, preservation, and the natural environment. Please describe the candidate’s talents, the skills she possesses which would benefit our club and describe your first-hand experience working alongside her in a volunteer position. It is very important to mention that you have spoken with the candidate regarding the time commitment required, the Provisional year tasks, and that the Membership Committee knows that the candidate is able and willing to be a contributing member of the Nantucket Garden Club. This information also pertains to seconding letters.

The Sponsor is responsible for taking her candidate to at least two General Meetings and introducing the candidate to all of the members of the Membership Committee, including the Club President (The Membership Committee is listed in our Green Book). It is important to have the potential member sign the attendance book at each meeting she attends. Once the application is completed, the Proposer and the Candidate are encouraged to attend a Membership Committee gathering by invitation of the Membership Chair. Please note that the Proposer may bring the candidate to a General Meeting the summer before she is actually being proposed.