Conservation = Do Your Part

Photo by Heidi Drew

The Nantucket Garden Club promotes better knowledge and love of gardening, plants, flowers, and horticulture, contributes to the beauty of Nantucket, and supports conservation initiatives that protect the island’s fragile and historic environment.

Dear Nantucket Community,

The summer season of 2022 is underway!  The island’s beautiful landscape has come alive with lush greenery and floral delights.

The Nantucket Garden Club has fabulous plans underway for the 2022 season.  Our signature events, such as the Daffodil Show, Art With Blooms, a floral gallery show and the 66th Annual House & Garden Tour will all take place in 2022.  These widely enjoyed events have been on hold since 2020 and we’re looking forward to bringing them back to the community.  Please mark your calendars with save the dates for the following:

Daffodil Flower Show:  April 23-24, 2022
Art With Blooms:  July 15, 2022
House and Garden Tour:  August 3, 2022

In 2021 the Nantucket Garden Club successfully contributed to the island community by participating in the following:

*Clean Team/NGC members partnership
*Maintenance of the historic gardens at the Hadwen House
*Creation of beautiful seasonal displays in the Main Street fountain
*The Sustainable Farmers Market where local plants /floral arrangements were sold
*Window Box competition for downtown business owners
*Dedication of a beautiful garden at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital
*Dedication of lovely gardens in Larsen Park, ‘Sconset
These island gardens were funded by community grants bestowed by the Nantucket
Garden Club

The Nantucket Garden Club, in partnership with the Nantucket Land Council, are excited to announce our Conservation Commendation project.  Gardens throughout the community will be recognized for their best practices which encourage biodiversity, reducing impact on our waters and withstanding the ravages of increasingly severe weather conditions.  Please click on the Conservation Commendation area above.

Proudly,  the Nantucket Garden Club continues to provide scholarships and community grants, despite the inability to hold our major fundraiser.  Annually, scholarships are awarded to Nantucket students who major in studies aligned with our mission, such as landscape design, botany, ecology and environmental studies.  Community grants are awarded to charitable, civic and governmental groups that qualify as tax exempt, for programs that benefit the public and contribute to the beauty of Nantucket.

Dedication continues towards island initiatives that support our mission.  Strong, ongoing partnerships with island organizations also continue, with the hope of increased future opportunities.  A long history of giving to the island community remains.

Please consider a donation to the Nantucket Garden Club to support our continued good work for the island.  Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Christine Dean
President, Nantucket Garden Club