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GCA Flower Show Awards
Botanical Arts
Best in Show Botanical Arts
Best in Show in the botanical arts division.
2013 Barb Kaytes

Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award
Awarded for an exhibit of exceptional educational and visual merit that increases knowledge and
awareness of the environment.
2017 Susan Rein
2013 Nantucket Shellfish Association
2011 Emily MacKinnon and The Nantucket Land Council
2005 Sarah Johnson
2001 Kathy Cruice
1999 Caroline Ellis
1996 Linda Holland
1992 The Nantucket Garden Club
1988 Mary Margaret Holmes

Ann Lyon Crammond Award
Awarded for an outstanding exhibit that best educates the public about gardens and increases the
appreciation of any aspect of plants, gardens, or landscape design.
2011 MaryJo Beck & Caroline Ellis
1996 Betty Webb*

Floral Design
Dorothy Vietor Munger Award
Awarded in recognition of creative work of outstanding beauty using predominantly fresh plant
2017 Kathleen Poole and Gretchen Riley
2015 Robin MacTaggart and Ann Webber
2013 Vicki Livingstone
2011 Lyndon Dupuis
2008 Betty Webb*

Fenwick Award
Awarded for a creative work of outstanding beauty using predominantly fresh plant material in a
highly competitive show.
1995 Sandy Taylor*

Margaret Clover Symonds Medal
Awarded for an innovative, modern design that creatively combines man-made material(s) with
fresh and/or dried plant material.
2003 Barb Kaytes

Sandra Baylor Novice Award
Awarded to a novice exhibitor for a unique and skillful response to the schedule.
2017 Marcella Zimmerman
2015 Nancy Serafini
2013 Jill Sandole
2011 Donna Hamel
2008 Christine Dean
2007 Beverly Barlow
2006 Charlotte Mathey
2003 Vicki Livingstone

Harriet DeWaele Puckett Award
Awarded for an innovative and interpretive entry that, while abiding by the principles of good
design, goes beyond traditional period arrangement to whatever art form the arranger chooses.
The award recognizes a uniquely skillful and creative response to an imaginative schedule.
2013 Barb Kaytes
2011 Sandy Taylor*
2010 Barb Kaytes
2006 Betty Webb*
1998 Sandy Taylor*
1998 Betty Webb*
1996 Betty Webb*
1993 Betty Webb*

Best in Show Floral Design
Best in Show in the floral design division.
2017 Gretchen Riley
2015 Mary Jo Beck
2013 Barb Kaytes
2011 Lynn Filipski

GCA Novice Award in Horticulture
Individual GCA Club members. The Novice Award may be given to an exhibitor who has never
won first place or who has never won this award before in the division entered. First, second, and,
third places may be awarded to novice exhibitors.
2017 MaryAnn Wasik
2015 Peg Condon

Elizabeth Platt Corning Medal
Awarded to an entry with distinction and originality, notable for its cultural difficulty and exceptional
standard of horticultural excellence.
1986 Mary Margaret Holmes

Catherine Beattie Medal
Awarded for a single plant, collection of plants, container garden, or cut specimen grown by
exhibitor for at least 6 months for vibrancy, prime condition, and perfection of grooming.
2015 Libby Moore
2013 Laura Buck
2011 Sandy Taylor*
2005 Ken Roman
2004 Debbie Thomas
2003 Betty Webb*
1999 Betty Webb*
1995 Betty Webb*
1991 Betty Webb*
1989 Betty Webb*

Rosie Jones Horticultural Award
Awarded for an entry of exceptional visual appeal that reflects the spirit of growing with joy and
enthusiasm and inspires others to propagate, grow, show, and share horticulture.
2017 Mary Brown
2015 MaryAnn Wasik
2011 Julie Hensier
2008 Caroline Ellis
2007 Caroline Ellis

Clarissa Willemsen Horticulture Propagation Award
Awarded for a single rooted plant or a collection of rooted plants, propagated and grown by the
exhibitor for at least 6 months, recognizing prime condition, flawless grooming, and difficulty of
2013 Elizabeth Murray*
2005 Betty Webb*

GCA Novice Award in Photography
Awarded for an outstanding exhibit by an individual novice exhibitor and GCA club member,
placing first, second, or third in the Photography division at a flower show.
2013 Julie Hensler

GCA Photography Creativity Award
Awarded for creative and technical excellence in response to the theme of the schedule.
2013 Gretchen Riley

Best in Show Photography
Best in show in the Photography division.
2013 Mary Malavase
2017 Susan Hilbert

The Nantucket Garden Club Green Thumb Awards
Floral Design
25th Anniversary Award
Presented by Mrs. Donald H. Robinson, for the most interesting and well-designed arrangement in a pedestal class.
Description: An oval Nantucket basket (8 ½ “by 6″ wide by 5″ high) on a mahogany base (13″ by 8”) bearing 29 ivory plaques with the winners’ names. Notations on bottom of base: “James F. Chase-Base, Nancy A. Chase-Ivory, and W&S Reis-Basket.”
2017 Gretchen Riley
2015 Barb Kaytes
2013 Donna Hamel
2011 Sandy Taylor*
2009 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2008 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2007 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2006 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2005 Lyndon DuPuis
2004 Kate Miller and Joan Soons*
2003 Elaine Brand
2002 Susan Everitt
2001 Elizabeth Garcia
2000 Mariann Appley
1999 Joan Soons*
1998 Eva Maria Tausig
1997 Judy McKelvey
1996 Kate Miller
1995 Susan Burke
1994 SandyTaylor
1993 Mariann Appley
1992 Sandy Taylor
1991 Susan Burke
1990 Mariann Appley
1989 Christine Willcox*
1988 Helene S. Whitehead*
1987 Christine Willcox*
1986 Helene S. Whitehead*
1985 Helene S. Whitehead*
1984 Margaret Robinson*
1983 Jacqueline Kilvert*
1982 Christine Willcox*
1981 Christine Willcox*
1980 Jean MacAusland*
1979 Constance Murray*
Anniversary Dining Table Award
Presented by Mrs. Earle R. MacAusland for the table arrangement styled in the most beautiful and dramatic fashion. Open only to members of the Garden Club of America.
Description: A sterling silver bowl (10″ by 5″) engraved: “Nantucket Garden Club Anniversary Award Presented by Mrs. Earle R. MacAusland” The names of the winners engraved on the outside of the bowl since 1974. It will be retired in 2004. Information on base reads: Revere style, Reed and Barton Sterling, Paul Revere reproduction 10 inch
2017 Gretchen Riley and Kathleen Poole
2015 Bonnie Ford and Pat McGill
2013 Jill Sandole
2009 Barbara Malcolm*
2008 Leslie Purple and Alice Farley
2007 MaryJo Beck and Julia Hilton
2006 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2005 Betty Webb* and Gretchen Riley
2004 Betty Webb* and Sally Humphreys
2003 Lyndon Dupuis
2002 Christine Willcox*
2001 Lyndon Dupuis
2000 Pam Armour* and Linda Kelly
1999 Collen Hempelman and Mary Jones
1998 Christine Willcox*
1997 “Boots” Thrower*
1996 Christine Willcox*
1995 Christine Willcox*
1994 Eva-Maria F. Tausig
1993 Dottie Yancy
1992 “Boots” Thrower*
1991 “Boots” Thrower*
1990 Ann Barnes Maury
1989 Terry Hoyt*
1988 Terry Hoyt*
1987 Christine Spencer*
1986 Terry Hoyt*
1985 May Metcalf
1984 Helene S. Whitehead*
1982. Jacqueline Kilvert*
1981 Emily Goddard
1980 Dorrit Gutterson*
1979 Margaret Yates*
1978 Dorrit Gutterson*
1977 Jean MacAusland*
1976 Jessica Woodle*
1975 Jessica Woodle*
1974 Margaret Robinson*
Jules M. de R. Thebaud Trophy
Awarded for the Best in Show for Flower Arrangement. It will be presented to the exhibitor who in the opinion of the judges has presented the outstanding arrangement combining originality, distinction and beauty of design. The winner must be a member of the Garden Club of America.
Description: A double-handled silver chalice with top measures 8 1/2 ” overall. Engraved: The Jules M. de R. Thebaud Trophy. Engraved since 1965 with the names of the winners. Will be retired in the next few years. Bottom marked: ENSKD sterling 8 ½”
2017 Gretchen Riley
2015 Robin McTaggart and Ann Webber
2013 Vicki Livingstone
2011 Lynn Filipski
2009 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2008 Leslie Purple and Alice Farley
2007 MaryJo Beck and Julia Hilton
2006 Gretchen Riley and Betty Webb*
2005 Joan Soons and Kate Miller
2004 Betty Webb* and Sally Humphreys
2003 Kate Miller and Joan Soons
2002 Susan Everitt
2001 Susan Everitt
2000 Julie Lapham
1999 Joan Soons*
1998 Pam Halsted*
1997 Judy McKelvey
1996 Christine Willcox
1995 Susan Burke
1994 Sandy Taylor*
1993 Sharon Thebaud*
1992 Sandy Taylor*
1991 Susan Burke
1990 Bonnie McCausland
1989 Christine Willcox*
1988 Christine Willcox*
1987 Elizabeth C. Murray*
1986 Christine Willcox*
1985 Christine Willcox*
1984 Carol Lathrop*
1983 Nancy M. Green*
1982 Irene M. Beach*
1981 Christine Willcox*
1980 Mercia P. Lee
1979 Virginia Reiner
1978 Beverly Lindley*
1977 Beverly Lindley*
1976 Christine Willcox*
1975 Isabelle Tuttle*
1974 Jean MacAusland*
1973 Abigail Hawes
1972 Isabelle Tuttle*
1971 Margaret R. Robinson*
1970 Ellen Halsey*
1969 Margaret D. Boone
1968 Constance Murray*
1967 Dorothy Thebaud*
1966 Geta Houghton
1965 Isabelle Tuttle*
Margaret Robinson Memorial Award
Awarded to a novice flower arranger who has never before won a blue ribbon in a GCA Major or small Flower Show.
Description: A Rosewood box with a curved ivory 3-dimensional plaque on top which has heather sprigs and NGC in scrimshaw. Inside the top is a piece of ivory 3 ½” by 2 ¼” will be inscribed with the names of the winners. Inside the bottom half is a similar piece of ivory with reads: Margaret R. Robinson, President, 1971-71, 1975-76. Marked on the bottom of the box is: Nancy A. Chase-Ivory, James F- Chase-Box Nantucket Island
2017 Marcella Zimmerman
2015 Mary Ellen Ferrel
2013 Jill Sandole
2011 Donna Hamel
2009 Barbara Malcolm*
2008 Christine Dean
2007 Barbara Charlton* and Winnie Mortenson
2006 Judith Brust
2005 Ann Holmes*
2004 Dottie Gennaro
2003 Frances Scarcille
2002 Dorrie Hopper
2001 Sarah Baker
2000 Christine Stein
Sandy Taylor and Betty Webb Creativity Award
For the most creative interpretation of the schedule.
Started in 2003. No award. Certificate only.
2013 Carol Atkinson and Marcella Zimmerman
2011 Sandy Taylor*
2009 Barb Kaytes
2008 Sally Nash & Patty Gibian
2007 Bridget Hubbard
2006 Gretchn Riley & Betty Webb
2005 Susan Everitt
2004 Betty Webb and Sally Humphreys
2003 Susan Everit
The Susan Scarborough Ward Memorial Award
A certificate awarded to a novice exhibit of exceptional merit.
2017 Barbara Medaugh
2015 Marie Sussek
2013 Diane Dietle
2011 Eleanor Roethke
2009 Kathleen Poole
Helen Magee Alliot Best Rose Award
Given in memory of Helen Magee Alliot by her daughter, Jane Murkland.
Description: A sterling bowl 3 1/2″ high by 6″ wide engraved: In memory of Helen Magee Alliot, Best Rose Award, Given by her daughter, Jane Murkland. On bottom: Gorham Sterling Revere reproduction
2017 Diane Diesel
2011 Joan Jessiman*
2009 Sally Orr
2008 Mariann Appley
2007 Marilyn Whitney*
2005 Sally Orr
2004 Marilyn Whitney*
2003 Marilyn Whitney*
2002 Marilyn Whitney*
2001 Joan Jessiman*
2000 Marilyn Whitney*
1999 Marilyn Whitney*
1998 Sally Orr
1997 Joan Jessiman*
1996 Peggy A. Gilbert
1995 Charles A. Kilvert*
1994 Susan Ward*
Green Thumb Horticulture Award
Presented by Mrs. Earle F. MacAusland will be awarded for best in show for horticulture.
Description: An engraved silver chalice (6 1/2 “high by 3 1/4 “wide) reading: Nantucket Garden Club Green Thumb Award presented by Mrs. Earle R. MacAusland” marked: Wallace Sterling on base atop a mahogany base (6 1/2″ high by 5″ by 6″) with 30 ivory oblong plaques. Marking on bottom of base: James F. Chase-base, Nancy A. Chase- Ivory. Will be retired in 2004.
2017 Jill Sandole
2015 Dorrie Hopper
2013 Laura Buck
2011 Sandy Taylor*
2009 C. Mitchell Carl
2008 Mariann Appley
2007 Debbie Thomas
2006 Pam Battiston
2005 Betty Webb*
2004 Betty Webb*
2003 Deedie McCarthy
2002 Joan Jessiman*
2001 Joan Jessiman*
2000 Mary Espy
1999 Betty Webb*
1998 Betty Webb*
1997 Mary Malavase
1996 Betty Webb*
1995 Betty Webb*
1994 Alice Erickson*
1993 Betty Webb*
1992 Sally Orr
1991 Betty Webb*
1990 John Rugge
1989 Betty Webb*
1988 Betty Webb*
1987 Betty Webb*
1986 Barbara W. Briard*
1985 Virginia Dyer*
1984 Jane Harter*
1983 Henry Petzel*
1982 Aldys Chapman*
1981 Henry Petzel*
1980 Marie Hensler
1979 Mary Armstrong*
1978 Elizabeth Williams
1977 Joyce Jaskula
1976 Siki Evans
1975 Melinda Geddes
The Terry Hoyt Memorial Award
A silver plate bought with the money donated to the Garden Club.
A watercolor certificate was made and framed. There were 20 framed certificates made.
2017 Elizabeth Pellegrini
2015 Fuller Holland and Sawyer Holland
2013 Elizabeth Pellegrini
2011 Hannah Boone
2009 Marshall Shaffar-Roggeveen
2008 Marshall Shaffar-Roggeveen
2007 Lucia Gonnella
2006 Jessie Royster
2005 Jessie Royster
Sweepstakes Award
Given by the show committee to the exhibitor who places first in the most horticulture categories.
A Green Ribbon.
2017 Paulette Boling
2015 Dottie Genero
2013 Gretchen Riley
2011 Chris Mortenson and Sally Orr
2009 Gretchen Riley
2008 Sandy Taylor*
2007 Marilyn Whitney*
2006 Sally Orr
2005 Joan Murray*
2004 Joan Jessiman*