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2019 Daffodil Show Winners

Best Standard Daffodil in Show/Ann Sanford Bowl – Mark Budaj/Goldfinger
Best Miniature Daffodil in Show/Laird V.W. Williams Award – Barbara Medaugh/Xit
Best Collection of Five Cultivars/Jean MacAusland Award – Mark Budaj
Best Pink Daffodil/Ribbon – Ann Maury/Capree Elizabeth
Best White Daffodil/Ribbon – Ann Maury/Quick Bells
Best Colored Daffodil/Ribbon – Katrina Hancock/Fly Half
Best Youth Daffodil/Helene Whitehead Award – Katrina Hancock/Marieke
Best Collection of Three Stems of One Cultivar/25th Anniversary Award – Dottie Gennaro/Jersey Lace
Most Blue Ribbons of a Small Grower/Ribbon – Mary Malavase/Cantatrice
Best Historic Daffodil (pre-1940)/Ribbon – Mary Elizabeth Adams/Altrust
Best Classic Daffodil (1940-1969)/Ribbon – Mark Budaj
Best Collection of 12 Cultivars/Ribbon – Katrina Hancock
Most Blue Ribbons in Youth Division/Ribbon – Joelle Bouchard/Fog, Frost & Flowers
Best Photograph by a Nantucket Adult Exhibiter/Ribbon – Lily Walfer McGloin
Best Standard Daffodil with White Perianth & Colored Cup/Sconset Trust Award – Dottie Gennaro
Most Creative Arrangement/Mary Armstrong Box – June Vultee/ A bucket of shells
Most Colorful and Dramatic Arrangement/Jean MacAusland Ivory Easel – Mark Budaj/Bell Buoys
Best Youth Flower Arrangement/Helene Whitehead Award – Lighthouse School 2ndGrade/Ships, Bells & Lobster Shells