Conservation = Do Your Part

Others may also be given in subsequent years when appropriate:

Special Recognition Awards 2013 Recipients (certificates)

To a non-member for their continued support, for helping us to sell our tickets in his shop and for his watercolor rendering of our basket logo and for his years of artwork on the cover of the House Tour brochures
Greg and Judi Hill

To a non-member for 18 years of volunteer work at the Daffodil Show and also made an honorary member of NGC.
Grace Noyes

To an NGC member for her photography and helping to expand our visual library
Jill Sandole

For their support through out the years and especially for hosting the Daffodil Flower Show and many daffodil workshops.
Bartlett Farm

For her leadership in creating the Nantucket Garden Club’s Reading Society, her monthly recommendations and reviews of good gardening book to read and for her 2011 needlepoint Christmas ornament of the NGC’s basket logo which she for the GCA Headquarters” Christmas tree.
Barbara Kirk

The following are this year’s recipients of the Golden Girls Award and they were each presented with a Tussy Mussy of fresh flowers. This may be awarded in subsequent years when appropriate:

Golden Girls 2013 Recipients

Given to members of at least 30 years. The combined years of service from these ladies is 90 years!

Christine Spencer
Elizabeth Murray
Dorothy Bartlett

2013 Garden Club of America Commendations Recipient
For a non-member:
Horticulture Commendation Irene Egan

2015 Nantucket Garden Club Special Recognition Awards

Roberta and Gary Hamblin for Caton Circle
Mark Budaj for Years of assistance to the Daffodil Flower Show

To a member on becoming an Emeritus Floral Design Judge of the GCA
Mariann Appley

Garden Club of America Zone Awards

  • 1991 Conservation Commendation Willa Embry
  • 1996 Conservation Award  Margaret Berkheimer
  • 1999 Flower Arrangement Achievement  Elizabeth Webb
  • 2001 Creative Leadership Pam Halsted
  • 2001 Horticulture Commendation  Lucinda Young
  • 2004 Horticulture Award Susan Ward
  • 2005 Neil Schwartz Mentoring Award Sally Nash
  • 2005 Gretchen Riley
  • 2010 Dr. Sarah Oktay
  • 2011 Dorothy Wheatley Horticulture Award  Mary Malavase

Medal of Merit

  • 1999 Helene Whitehead
  • 2011 Barbara Medaugh
  • 2015 Mary Malavase
  • 2016 Sandy Taylor
  • 2023 Paulette Boling

Club Awards

  • 1999 Flower Arranging Betty Webb
  • 2000 Horticulture Sally Orr
  • 2003 Susan Ward
  • 2004 Ann Maury
  • 2005 Appreciation  Elizabeth Murray
  • 2007 Gretchen Riley
  • 2008 Historic Preservation Caroline Ellis
  • 2011 Leslie Baldwin
  • 2015 Pam Battison
  • 2022 Photography Mary Jo Beck