Conservation = Do Your Part


The Archives of American Gardens (AAG) is just one of sixteen archives at
the Smithsonian that preserve meaningful documentation about America’s
history. The (AAG) was established to provide scholars, researchers, and
interested persons with visual documentation of cultural, historic, and
vernacular gardens.

The following gardens have been submitted and accepted.

Nindethana, Roberts Garden
24 Almanack Pond Road
Submitted by Betty Jacobsen – 2005

Hadwen House Satler Memorial Garden
96 Main Street
Submitted by Caroline Ellis – 2005

Baker Garden
12 India Street
Submitted by Carol Barrett – 2005

Blue Fish Inn Garden
1 Harbor View Drive
Submitted by Carol Barrett – 2006

78 Main Street Garden, Jones Garden
Submitted by Carol Barrett – 2007

Innisfree, Burkes Garden
37 Gardner Road
Submitted by Janet Lindgren – 2011

Gray Gardens – Thom Koon Cosgrove and Bart Cosgrove Garden
59 Polpis Road
Submitted by Pam Halsted and Carol Barrett – 2012
Preliminary work done by Susan Ward